Desiccated Coconut 250g


- Ingredients : 100% coconut meat
- Moisture content ≤ 3%
- Lipid content ≥ 60%
- Protein content ≤ 8%
- Calories ≤ 750kcal/100g
- Physical Standards : small splinter – dried, white color, typical flavor of product
- N.W : 250g*24 PA-PE Bags/carton. Meas. 420*305*190mm, GW : 6.5kg

Directions for use – Preservation

- Making Coconut Juice: pour warm water over desiccated coconut and still for 5 minutes; squeeze to take out Coconut Juice. 250g of desiccated coconut is equivalent to 750g of coconut meat
- Making "Stuffing of Cake" : mix desiccated coconut with warm sirup and still for 5 minutes, add flexile starch and mix again, then pour them into caking mould to bake
- Mixing with the crisp fried powder for the dish of breaded seafoods (breaded shrimp-fish-squid)
- Sprinkle cake/or steamed glutinous rice with desiccated coconut
- Keep in an airy place (20 - 22 degrees of C). The top of desiccated coconut bag must be tied securely if ramaining